Foundation And Structural Inspection

We offer professional foundation inspections services for real estate transactions and engineering firms. If you are purchasing or selling a home in Los Angeles

Foundation settlement of a home can led to minor damage (cracks and/or drainage issues) to major structural and foundation failures as well as safety issues. Waiting for major issues to arise before considering foundation repair can often be too late and add tremendous expense. Damaged or sub-standard foundations can greatly affect a home’s property value and even hinder the ability to sell or re-finance it. However, a home that has undergone a foundation underpinning can only see its value increased.

Our foundation assessments are thorough and detailed. We start with the interior of the home, making sure everything is in good condition. The exterior foundation inspection is also very important, as it gives us clues as to what is going on with moisture intrusion or other issues. Having viewed the building interior and exterior we begin our detailed analysis of your foundation. Spending most of our time under your house outlining all of the issues with your foundation itself.

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